December 3, 2022

An Anhui subsidiary of Shanghai-based new power automobile company NIO launched a patent relating to a “cylindrical battery” on Tuesday. Consistent with public knowledge, this patent is anticipated to resolve the issue of a low usage price within the efficient top of a battery mobile, led to by means of the truth that the prevailing cylindrical batteries most commonly have pole ears at each ends.

The patent summary displays that the cylindrical battery of the discovery accommodates a shell, a good pole, and a core winding meeting put in within the shell with the certain ear and the damaging ear organized at the identical facet, thus expanding the efficient house usage price of the battery mobile, decreasing production issue and bettering manufacturing potency. The certain and damaging ears are organized in a multi-ring distribution to optimize the distribution of the pole ears and scale back the interior resistance of the battery mobile.

NIO disclosed its monetary file for the primary quarter of 2022 on June 9. Consistent with the file, NIO has been incessantly expanding its funding in energy battery-related fields. At the moment, the company has a battery-related workforce composed of greater than 400 staff, deeply concerned within the R&D of battery fabrics, battery mobile and full bundle design, battery control device in addition to the producing procedure. It has comprehensively established and enhanced the systematic R&D and industrialization features of batteries, and has established benefits on the subject of price, efficiency and protection. From a long-term point of view, NIO has followed the producing means of “self-made + outsourcing,” which might successfully fortify its long term profitability.

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n addition, NIO mentioned that it is going to release a brand new 800V high-voltage platform battery pack in 2024. Consistent with trade insiders, when the battery voltage is greater to 800V, it’s an identical to an excellent build up in charging energy, as it could a great deal shorten the charging time of the battery, thus figuring out speedy charging in the real sense and relieving consumer nervousness to complement power and fortify provider high quality.

Along with energy batteries, NIO has full-stack self-developed applied sciences. The company will proceed to advertise different self-developed applied sciences, together with electrical power, energy battery change, NIO independent using (NAD) and so forth. For the reason that supply of the ET7 type, the corporate has enabled NT2.0 to succeed in fast iterative upgrades throughout the device and {hardware} platform, full-stack self-developed set of rules, end-to-end information closed loop and operation capacity, and offered greater than 200 new purposes, doubling the efficiency index of assisted using when compared with the primary technology generation.