August 17, 2022
In step with a file disclosed through Changan Automotive on Wednesday, greater than 1,000 folks

In step with a file disclosed through Changan Automotive on Wednesday, greater than 1,000 folks in Huawei’s clever using analysis and building crew were stationed in Chongqing for rather some and feature been running with engineers to expand the corporate’s latest automobile, the Avatr 11.

Avatr Era is an automotive emblem established through a trio of businesses, together with Changan Automotive, Huawei and Fresh Amperex Era Co., Restricted (CATL). In step with Changan Automotive, Huawei has been deeply concerned within the building of clever using, clever console and alertness device of the automobiles. Additional, Huawei helped convey in regards to the production of the Avatr whilst collectively development the CHN platform with Changan Automotive and CATL.

Avatr 11 Cockpit

Avatr’s automobiles are being produced on the Chongqing Changan Yuzui Base which has an clever and versatile manufacturing line and will succeed in an annual manufacturing capability of 350,000 automobiles. In relation to channel development, the Avatr will focal point on self-built channels whilst increasing to extra assorted channel fashions in conjunction with its companions. Moreover, Avatr could also be running with Huawei to go into the latter’s gross sales channels. The corporate plans to open its first retailer in the second one quarter of this yr after which increase to about 100 towns right through the yr.

In relation to manufacturing, the Avatr 11 has a considerable computing energy of 400TOPS and a 750V high-voltage charging device. The automobile is provided with Huawei HI (Huawei Inside of), a completely stacked good automobile resolution, along with a super-sensing device and a super-computing platform with a computing energy of 400TOPS, together with 3 lidar sensors, 6 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, and 13 cameras.

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